Haley Stocks In Tahlequah

As a local Tahlequah musician, I fully enjoy and appreciate performing in front of my “home crowd” right here in my town. I always see old faces in the crowd enjoying the performance and I get to collaborate with musicians that I practically grew up with.

Haley Stocks performs on ukulele at local farmer market

I’ve found myself very busy with weddings around Oklahoma lately but I seem to always block off time when I’m invited to play at the Tahlequah Farmers Market, which is held every saturday in town. The season has just come to a close but it was a full schedule this year and I had the honor of playing quite a bit with Mandophonics.

The farmer’s market is such a tradition here in Tahlequah, and it’s a weekly event that sees many local farmers and shoppers, so it’s by far one of my favorite events to play. All the food, kids playing and of course all my old friends lingering around gives me such a great feeling that I can’t quite fully explain.

In my travels, I’ve been to many farmer’s markets, and I can tell you that not many places do it quite like we do here in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The fact that we have live music is in itself a plus, but the folks who run the farmer’s market really put a big emphasis on the music and the weekly local artists.

Vegetables and produce at the Tahlequah Farmers Market

What’s Next?

So, as market season comes to a close we get ready to book some days next year where I can perform with my violin or ukulele in one of the places I call my “comfort zone.” Even if you’re not much into buying the produce or goods you can always come out and hear some great music and support our wonderful tight knit Oklahoma community.


Haley Stocks Tahlequah Musician and Teacher