Streaming Free Music On Your Site Or Blog

Haley Stocks Tahlequah musician with headphones

A lot of artists are not sure whether they should stream free music on their websites or not. Well, if you do not, how will other people hear your songs for the first time?

Further, if you stream, how are you going to get revenue? Will your music still be bought? The truth is that several thoughts can swirl inside the musician’s head as he or she faces one of the most challenging decisions associated with the entertainment industry.

A lot of streaming services have received a lot of grief and condemnation from several artists of all levels. For instance, many musicians refuse to put their work on such free music or streaming platforms. Most of them are of the belief that it devalues their art. However, if you are not a big name in the industry, your options and audience are entirely different. What about having music available on your own website for free streaming? Is it any different?

Let Haley Stocks help you understand the pros and cons of this.

Haley Stocks Tahlequah Educator

Tahlequah Oklahoma musician, Haley Stocks

What is your aim?

Your goals will determine whether to allow free streaming of your songs or not. For instance, if you want to get discovered, build a fan base, and book local gigs, then it is a good idea to allow free streaming. For instance, if you reach out to a venue and ask for a gig, they will require sample music. If you have some clips on your website, you will increase your odds of landing the gig. However, if you are an artist relying on record sales, then it is not advisable to stream full-length tracks.

How to generate revenue

As a musician, you should not rely only on the sales. In fact, most musicians earn more money from merchandise sales, non-music ventures, and concert tickets as compared to what they get from streaming and sales.

Generating revenue as a musician does not come fast or easy, so the artist needs to have an immense amount of patience and a desire to put in the work. Sometimes there is an element of not being paid now, so that you gain exposure, so that you can get paid later.

Every musician is different, so it’s important to weigh the things that are important to you, and then determine the pace at which you can afford to grow, while gaining the trust and hearts of the audience.