Before you hire a booking agent, as a new musician, you will start on your own. You will need to look for concerts and gigs, however, it is not easy to get rewarding concerts and gigs. As you know, there are many bands and musicians, like Haley Stocks, competing for limited performance spots. You may feel like you are playing a hopeless game of cold calling venue owners and promoters only to get ignored or turned down.

It is not your fault, nor is it theirs, as they want to book bands or musicians with experience. In any case, venue owners want bands that will fill the room. This means getting a chance for a new musician or band can be quite tricky, but it is not impossible. You can try these ways to get gigs on your own.

Haley Stocks Tahlequah, Oklahoma


The first thing to do is to carry out adequate research. You should note that most venue owners and promoters like working with professional artists. Thus, you should exhibit professionalism, and one of the ways of doing so is to take your time to do research.

When it comes to venues, there are many things to consider. For instance, some venues cater to a particular genre, and others serve a target audience like working professionals or students. Ensure your music matches the venues you are planning to contact. 

Create a Spreadsheet

Creating a spreadsheet can take up your time, however in the long run, it will save your time. In the future, you will come back to your spreadsheet, and you will recall everything you need. Ensure your spreadsheet contains information about the local venues. Some of the things to include in your spreadsheet include venue name, email, website, address, and venue size. Also, indicate if you have played there in the past.

Contacting Venues 

If you have a chance to play at a given venue, the right way of connecting with promoters or venue owners is in person. If you decide to write an email, ensure it is short and to the point. Always be brief and relevant. Promoters and venue owners do not need a novel about your life.

We hope this information help you out a little bit, feel free to contact us with any comments or questions, thank you!