I come from the Red Dirt state of Oklahoma, the home of the rose rock. I’ll be using this blog to focus on my musical career, news, and thoughts as they develop.

Born to a warm and compassionate christian family in Northeast Oklahoma, I always found myself seeking adventure and yearning to try new things. Music was very much around me from childhood, whether it was dad listening to his Zeppelin records, singing in the choir at church or just dancing to 90’s pop music, I was always smiling and content.

At about 6 years old I started on the keyboard. I remember we had this old Casio 49 key that you could play along with and learn from. That was my happy place. I would play that keyboard until everyone in the family yelled at me at least once to turn it down.

Things pretty much progressed from there. I challenged myself on different keyboards and pianos, then onto strings, then singing.

We traveled a lot growing up so I am very fortunate to have seen and been to so many life changing places in the world. It’s very normal for me to book a trip or a flight on a whim or if I get sucked in by a killer deal.

I love to share my experiences when I’m out with family, friends or just a solo weekend getaway, so be sure to check out my GALLERY. You will probably be able to tell that I’m a bit of a goofball, but I can be serious and dramatic when I’m passionate about something. That’s just because I’m a very chill blend of positive energy, mixed with a caring, bubbly demeanor.

I’m always back and forth from Tahlequah to Tulsa, and even an occasional longer trip to Oklahoma City for work or my music. Oklahoma has a lot to offer me and that’s why I love to call it home. I can escape to the peace and quiet or I can get to downtown all within an hour.

Teaching the kids in my home state is something I became passionate about in high school. I continued my career path in education at Northeastern State University and graduated with a degree in something.

I wouldn’t have it any other way than to be teaching others about something I’m deeply passionate about. Music has rewarded me in so many ways in my lifetime that I need to stay close to it, and remain active in my practice.

Haley Stocks