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Tahlequah Musicians At Farmers Market

As a local Tahlequah musician, I fully enjoy and appreciate performing in front of my “home crowd” right here in my town. I always see old faces in the crowd enjoying the performance and I get to collaborate with musicians that I practically grew up with.

I’ve found myself very busy with weddings around Oklahoma lately but I seem to always block off time when I’m invited to play at the Tahlequah Farmer’s Market, which is held every saturday in town. The season has just come to a close but it was a full schedule this year and I had the honor of playing quite a bit with Mandophonics.

Different Ways To Promote Your Music

As a musician in Oklahoma, I understand the difficulty that us artists can face when trying to “get ourselves out there.” I’ve been through it and am still going through it now and I will probably always need to stay on top of current trends and processes to stay relevant in such a competitive industry. So I’ve come up with some thoughts that have helped me somewhat these days.

Is It a Good Idea to Stream Free Music on Your Website?

A lot of streaming services have received a lot of grief and condemnation from several artists of all levels. For instance, many musicians refuse to put their work on such free music or streaming platforms. Most of them are of the belief that it devalues their art. However, if you are not a big name in the industry, your options and audience are entirely different. What about having music available on your own website for free streaming? Is it any different?

Let Haley Stocks help you understand the pros and cons of this.

Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute – Folk Dance Liaison

As a student at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute from 2005-2008,  I knew I wanted to return as a counselor one day. This past spring as I was finishing up my first year as a teacher, I realized what having a free summer would mean…. I COULD APPLY TO BE A COUNSELOR AT OSAI!! I started reading the bios for the notorious faculty who would impart their wisdom, and got all the nostalgic feels…. “Has it really been 10 years since I’ve been back?”

Who Is Haley Stocks?

Born to a warm and compassionate christian family in Northeast Oklahoma, I always found myself seeking adventure and yearning to try new things. Music was very much around me from childhood, whether it was dad listening to his Zeppelin records, singing in the choir at church or just dancing to 90’s pop music, I was always smiling and content.